Speaking of Witch, we are a talented lot....

Ours is a family-owned and operated business with myself as Owner & Master Wandmaker, my eldest daughter, Rhiannon, as co-owner, wandmaker, and artist; and my daughter, Alexis in beading work and crochet. Our product range includes, but not limited to pendulums, amulets, talismans, and wiccan supplies. We began our business in 2013 strictly for the creation of wands, both bespoke and pre-made, but rapidly added more items as we found how enjoyable making wiccan jewellery, or wiccan jewelry, could be as well as creating items for altars.

As we began receiving mail from potential customers for items such as runes, spell kits, loose incense, and oil blends, we added those. One of my particular favourites to create are elder futhark runes. There is an enjoyable sense of peace and purpose when making these I can’t describe…could it be an ancestor somewhere in my distant past whom also created runes, being pleased about my work?

My daughters and I made our own wands for use in our craft and decided one day it might be a good idea to create wands for others. It seemed many wanted handcrafted wands but weren’t sure how to go about creating them. So, we began our little shop with only a couple of handcrafted wands and a few packets of Dead Sea salt and a few packets of wood bark. Meagre beginnings, I suppose, still..you have to start somewhere!

Of course, feeling as we do about cutting trees for purpose of creating a wand, we had to wait to fill our shop with many wands as we waited until we had found a fallen branch or a pile of branches from somebody’s necessary tree trimming in order to pillage what we could for making our wands and runes. Meanwhile, we carried on creating wiccan supplies such as our pendulums, jewellery, sabbat oils and incenses, smudge fans, amulets, and altar – spell kits. With everything we create, we look to the seasons and comply with the moon so it will have the best energies attached.

May all of your magick be good magick and thank you for letting us help you!

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